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Modal Dialog Boxes 2: Confirm

April 30, 2024

The Abacus ConfirmBox component displays a message and one or more buttons, allowing the user to make a choice and for the programmer to control the flow of execution of an APL function. To implement this, on the server-side APL, Abacus must be able to wait in a suspended function, while over in the client browser, the user is pondering a modal dialog box with multiple choices. When the user makes a choice, the suspended APL function must be notified of the choice and allowed to continue execution.

Let's look at some code:

     ⍺ ##.ShowModalAndWait New ⍵
     ⍝ ⍺ ←→ Document
     ⍝ ⍵ ←→ dialog element
     b←GetBody ⍺
     _←⍺ SetDefaultId Elements ⍵
     _←b AppendChild ⍵
     _←⍵ ExecuteOnElement'showModal()'
     ⊃⎕TGET ⎕TID
     ⍝ ⍵ ←→ Title Caption [Options]
     ⍝ ← ←→ new dialog element
     t c o←3↑⍵,⊂'Yes' 'No'
     h1←d A.New'h1't
     p←d A.New'p'c
     m←d A.New'menu'
     b←m A.New¨{'button'⍵}¨o
     d←⍵.CurrentTarget ##.GetNearest'dialog'
     _←##.DeleteElement d
     0⊣v ⎕TPUT d.Tid

The New function takes a title, caption, and optional list of one or more button captions, which defaults to Yes and No. The thread ID is noted in the dialog element. This will be used as a token when the user clicks on one of the choices. The button elements are flagged as being Unqueued (as is the parent dialog, which has an onclose event handler). This is critical. Normally browser events are handled serially on the APL server side. If Unqueued is not to set to 1, then the OnSelect (and OnClose) handler will wait until the handler function that called ShowModalAndWait is complete, which is waiting for token from OnSelect, which is waiting for... well you get the idea, and it's not good. Setting Unqueued to 1 tells Abacus to execute the APL event handler immediately. This allows it to put the token into the pool that satisfies the ⎕TGET in ShowModalAndWait. The token value, the name or caption of the button, is returned by ShowModalAndWait.

Note the advantage of having an APL DOM that can store all kinds of useful info like Tid, Unqueued, and Name - none of which are in the browser DOM.