Tool of Thought

APL for the Practical Man


Carlisle Group on GitHub

The Carlisle Group on GitHub. Public, open source APL projects of note and interest are pinned.


The legacy of John Scholes.

Dyalog APL

Home of the best (and only choice) for the professional APL interpreter and development system - and free for non-commercial use. You can also use it free for commercial use if you have no revenue, and only pay when you make money- an excellent deal.

APL Wiki

All about APL.

APL Quest

Series of short videos covering phase 1 problems from past Dyalog APL competitions.

The Array Cast

Connor Hoekstra's APL podcast.

Learning APL

An introduction to APL by Stefan Kruger


Vast collection of APL idioms and code snippets.

Bob Smith's APL Projects

Home of NARS2000 and more.

The APL Orchard

Get quick answers to questions. Lots of code golf chit chat.

Frederik Müller

Video solutions to SQL LeetCode and StrataScratch problems.