Tool of Thought

APL for the Practical Man

"You don't know how bad your code is until you write about it."


This is the personal APL blog of Paul Mansour.

The site serves at least two purposes. First, it acts as a test case for APL code that generates HTML and converts Markdown to HTML. Second, and more importantly, it is a permanent, central repository for issues and interesting things that come up in my day-to-day work as a practical APL programmer -- stuff that is generally scattered and lost in old emails or various chat boards or forums.

The title of this site is taken from Ken Iverson's Turing Award lecture.

The subtitle of this blog is taken from a series of math books written by J.E. Thompson : Arithmetic for the Practical Man, Algebra for the Practical Man, Geometry for the Practical Man, etc. I believe that Richard Feynman tought himself math from these books. This is, I think, the only thing I have in common with Richard Feynman.

I can be reached by my first name at carlislegroup dot com.