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HTMLRenderer Required Files

May 19, 2021

The Dyalog documentation lists the required CEF files for distributing the HTMLRenderer. It is not entirely accurate. This list below is what Dyalog gives (I have added the Required , Size , and Comment columns):

File/Folder Size(kb) RequiredComment
htmlrenderer.dll 3,364 Yes
cef.pak 2,734 Yes
cef_100_percent.pak 642 Yes
cef_200_percent.pak 739 Yes
cef_extensions.pak 1,679 Yes
cef_sandbox.lib 90,176 No!!!
chrome_elf.dll 947 Yes
d3dcompiler_43.dll 0 No HTML5 accelerated content
d3dcompiler_47.dll 4,245 No HTML5 accelerated content
devtools_resources.pak 6,281 No For developer tools like inspect, etc.
icudtl.dat 10,183 Yes
libEGL.dll 365 No HTML5 accelerated content
libGLESv2.dll 7,818 No HTML5 accelerated content
libcef.dll 114,124 Yes
libcef.lib 37 Yes
locales 15,600 Yes This is a folder
natives_blob.bin 1 Yes
snapshot_blob.bin 227 Yes
swiftshader 3,970 No This is a folder, for HTML5 accelerated content
v8_context_snapshot.bin 619 Yes

The most important thing to note is that the 90 MB file cef_sandbox.lib is not required, and it appears (and I have asked Dyalog to verify) that there is no functionality lost by omitting it.

The comment regarding HTML5 accelerated content refers to 2D canvas, 3D CSS and WebGL. Presumably this functionality will be lost by not including these files/folders. Many business apps probably don't this functionality and can so safely omit another 15 MB from the distribution.